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“Il-dong Wire Cloth Co.” is leading the industry with advanced technology with our own expertise.

The company entered the industry in the 1970’s, when the stainless steel-related industry was still in its infancy.

The company possesses meshes from wire nets to stainless nets and metal nets with various sizes. Our company has been growing with our customers through continuous efforts over the past years.
Even though competitions in the industry have grown fierce, we have continued doing our best to localize products based on superior technology for our customers.

We have raised productivity and reduced losses by applying the particular qualities of metals and non-metals to diverse meshes, supplying them to various fields and expanding the range of our products. In addition, we have been trying to enhance the level of perfection of processed goods through second processing and are making the utmost effort with regard to interior decoration and applied installation.

We conduct research and development of products that customers are interested in through joint effort with our customers and are enhancing productivity based on our philosophy of producing values, not just goods. Our company will strive to become a global firm fit into the 21st century in return for your steadfast support.

Thank you very much.

Il-dong Wire Cloth Co. Je-Tae, Yoo / CEO

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