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Developed Products
開発商品, Sản phẩm được phát triển

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Developed Products

Developed Products

Usage Screen Printing, Drying, Foaming Process, Precious Metal Accessories
Materials Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Platinum and so on.
Product demonstration

Screen Mesh

The mesh which is used in the field of screen printing and screen mask needs to have square openings in vertical and horizontal. Our company have successfully developed a 250mesh of screen which is import-dependent and on sale now. We are working on 300 and 400 mesh of screen now.

Plain Dutch Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave Reverse Direction

Usually weaves wide opening for weft wires and narrow opening for warp wires in the case of “Plain Dutch Weave” and “Twilled Dutch Weave”. But, weaves narrow opening for weft wires and wide opening for warp wires in the case of reverse direction. This kind of mesh is used for a belt-type filter and pre-order is required.

Gold Mesh, Silver Mesh, Platinum Mesh

Gold mesh is weaved with gold wire and used for the production of Jewelry, Accessories, Butterfly, Flower and so on. Pre-order is mandatory. We can also produce “Silver Mesh” and “Platinum Mesh” depending on your request.

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